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The Prevalent Needs Assessment Survey allows

you to undertake an

objective analysis of the

health of your business.


Custom Software Development

Prevalentís custom technologies empower you to transform and renew your business. We begin our process with a thorough needs analysis and understanding of your existing business operations, service and product offerings and market opportunities. Then, we develop custom software that enables you to refocus on the growth of your organization, and seize competitive advantage through innovation.

Needs and Opportunities.

The Prevalent Needs Assessment survey allows you to undertake an objective analysis of the health of your business and to identify undiscovered opportunities.

What to Expect: Competitive Advantage Through Custom Software.

We understand business and the needs for clear, relevant data and effective business applications. After a thorough needs assessment, we build custom software to give you measureable results and drive performance.

With years of experience in custom software and web application development, Prevalent designs software solutions that can give your company a competitive advantage, improves your bottom line, and reduce your IT costs. Whether you have nothing more than a concept, detailed specfications, or a functional prototype, Prevalent can complete a fully-functioning marketable product for you and your company. Prevalent's custom software development includes:

New product development
Product re-engineering
Product enhancement
Product commercialization

Our Scrum Development Process

We follow a process oriented development methodology designed to minimize project risks and development time. We focus on business solutions that fulfill business goals, instead of merely providing technical solutions. All our applications are built on the basis of this philosophy.

Our adapted scrum development process provides a flexible, intuitive framework for software development. We begin with a needs establishment, rather than detailed product specifications. This allows our team of software developmers to collaborate with you in building custom software and applications, as well as business process automation, based on resolving the problems and issues in your business.

The scrum development process progresses in phases, sometimes called sprints. At the close of each phase we provided measurable results or specific deliverables to meet predetermined milestones. Through cooperation between you and our team of software developers we provide you software solutions that enable you to reimagine the future and operations of your business.

Starting Now.

If you are ready to radically change the way you do business, Prevalent will provide you the tools. Prevalent custom software and business process automation are the solutions your business needs now. 





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