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Prevalent Ventures

Prevalent Ventures is the crossroads between R&D and corporate development. Prevalent Ventures is our deal-oriented platform for developing proprietary custom software and applications, as well as our vehicle for entering into strategic ventures.

Strategic Ventures

Prevalent Ventures works with strategic partners in developing technology and business solutions through teaming agreements, joint ventures and licensing arrangements. As your technology partner, we apply Prevalent technologies, cloud computing, business process automation and custom software to commercialize products, restructure your business operations, and seize strategic opportunities.

Corporate Development

The classic question in corporate development is "build or buy".  To sustain growth, a company may try to develop new technologies and innovative products internally. When innovative technology already exists, it may be appropriate to acquire technology through mergers & acquisitions. But, when a competitor has rights in the technology, acquiring that technology may not be an option.

Prevalent offers a third way. By outsourcing your R&D to us, you avoid major capital expenditures for merely developing the R&D department, and avoid the HR costs of maintaining a full development team.

Outsourced R&D

As CFO magazine recently reported, the recession caused many companies to downsize their R&D departments. Now, private equity firms and strategic buyers are buying technology-based companies to acquire innovation. As an alternative, Prevalent present the opportunity to acquire build-to-suit portfolio companies. By outsourcing your R&D department and corporate development to Prevalent, you can focus on the operations and organic growth of your company. We we accelerate your R&D lifecycle and implement the strategic plan to bring that technology to market.

For private equity firms looking to acquire technology-rich companies, our outsourced R&D can offer virtual Build-to-suit portfolio companies. By partnering with Prevalent Ventures, we will build the technology per your specifications, co-develop a business model, and commercialize the portfolio companys' products or services.





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