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The Prevalent Needs Assessment Survey allows

you to undertake an

objective analysis of the

health of your business.


What to Expect

What Distinguishes Us

Prevalent builds business solutions based on a clear understanding of your company's operations and goals. We distinguish ourselves through an interactive needs assessment proces to identify core problems and discover hidden opportunities for increased efficiences and revenue growth. We take your notion and build a market-ready product.  We apply more than technology. We apply know-how to solve the problems in your business.

Improved Performance

Allow Prevalent to help you restore profitability to your company by allowing you to capitalize on our established technology platform to discover new revenue opportunities, expand and better manage your existing provider relationships and develop market demand for products and services.  Our services have been demonstrated to significantly increase both revenues and profit margins for our clients while reducing operating costs concurrently.

Prevalent allows you to achieve a high and immediate return on investment while simultaneously reducing total operating costs by either eliminating or reallocating dollars currently spend on declining marketing programs, poor performing media outlets and expensive information technology initiatives.  

Technology Development

 In addition, to developing proprietary software, technology and applications for Prevalent's own portfolio, our developers are regularly commissioned to develop customized software or applications to meet the specifications of our clients. We create efficiencies, provide business solutions, and create market-ready products and services for our clients. Read More

Cost Management and Reduction. Our approach is to help ownership and senior management plan and implement strategies to increase revenue and decrease costs. The process usually starts with an objective financial analysis of existing operations, and then finds opportunities for both growth and cost reduction. We develop enterprise-wide cost reductions through organizational restructuring, tax minimization planning, leveraging IT, and implementation of shared services strategies.   Below are just a few examples of how Prevalent impacts the bottom line.

  • Eliminate Capitalization and Staffing of Information Technology Projects

  • Turn Key Outsourced Datacenter, Support and Management

  • New Project Planning, Developing and Commissioning

  • Feasibility, Business, and Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Transformation and Turn-Around

  • Best Practices, Protocols and Process Improvement

  • Marketing and Branding Read More

Business Process Automation

Prevalent enables you to automate specific business process. We automate your business process to contain costs, create efficiencies and capture revenue generating opportunities. Following an in-depth needs analysis, Prevalent will provide a custom business process soluntion that integrates various applications, restructures your labor resources, and efficiently applies technology to solve business issues throughout your enterprise. Read More

The Prevalent Model

The Prevalent model was originally developed while our founderworking as the Chief Information Officer of a Texas based hospital system, was tasked to come up with a solution to combat declining revenues, shrinking reimbursements and growing labor and supply costs.  By using information technology to taking advantage of the growing web marketing trend in healthcare we uncovered a strong method to grow revenues while reducing staff involvement in the information gathering process and prioritize staff resources based on protocols we were able to establish. 

Prevalent applies the lessons originally learned in the healthcare industry  to other industries as well. We understand that any business, any industry can thrive with careful management, strategic leadership, cost management and leveraging cutting-edge technology.




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