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The Prevalent Needs Assessment Survey allows

you to undertake an

objective analysis of the

health of your business.



Prevalent’s custom technologies empower you to transform and renew your business. We begin our process with a thorough needs analysis and understanding of your existing business process. Then, we develop custom software that enables you to refocus on the growth of your organization, seize competitive advantage through innovation, and implement structural efficiencies through carefully-redesigned business processes.

The Need.

Conducting business has never been more complicated. Organizations are hampered with unserviceable debt loads, undecipherable state and federal regulations, layers of bureaucracy and middle management, and crushed by the weight of unmotivated employees.  Today’s troubles keep Senior Executives from finding tomorrow’s solutions. When was the last time you undertook a candid review of the status and direction of your company? The Prevalent Needs Assessment survey allows you to undertake an objective analysis of the health of your business.

The Fix: Innovating Business Through Technology

The external forces of government regulation and a tight capital market, and the internal disarray that grows organically over time within an organization, make it is necessary to periodically reform and reinvent a company. Today,  well capitalized company with the best management team is not enough to effectively and efficiently operate a business. When people are involved, the business process will break down over time. Prevalent applied technologies cure the problems in your business.

What to Expect: Competitive Advantage Through Applied Technology.

The Prevalent competitive advantage is your competitive advantage. Prevalent offers more than managed IT services, help desk or even build-to-suit software. Prevalent brings to bear the mind of an entrepreneur and CEO. We understand business and the needs for clear, relevant data and effective business applications. After a thorough needs assessment, we apply technology and custom software to give you measureable results and drive performance.

Improved Performance Leveraged Technology.

By using Prevalent’s cloud computing and virtual private network resources, your company can implement expense reducing business strategies, implement technology solutions that offer structural efficiencies to your business and offer revenue generating opportunities, without substantial IT capital expenditures.

Starting Now.

If you are ready to radically change the way you do business, Prevalent will provide you the tools.  Prevalent technologies is the solution your business needs now. 


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